Kyle Park Beggin' For More Spotlight Country online feature


Country artist Kyle Park released his new album, “Beggin’ For More,” just this week! Kyle took the time to chat with Spotlight Country, and we learned all about the Texas singer.

When we spoke with Kyle, he was actually in a Nashville bar chatting with fellow songwriters. That’s just the way it works in Music City…

Like many success stories you hear, Kyle decided to take a bet on himself. After two years of college at Texas State University in San Marcos, Kyle decided to drop out and use his college tuition money to record his first album – releasing it on his own record label. We asked Kyle what made him decide to drop out of college and pursue his music career. He recalled a specific time his band played in North Texas where they got paid to play. He said, “I thought to myself…this is more fun than any real job I would have to have. It was that moment of I can do this and I don’t have to be rich to be happy, but playing music is just the coolest thing in the world.”

With a lot of hard work, Kyle’s investment in his future as a country musician most certainly paid off. Not only that, but as we mentioned, Kyle has his own record label. He said, “It’s not like it took guts to start my own label. It was the only option. I wasn’t going to go to a label in Nashville and say, ‘I want to make a record and I’ll give y’all 80% of what I make.’ If I was going to fail or succeed, it’d be on my own terms and my own decisions. That’s the best part of having your own label. I get to be producer, I get to write my own songs, make them sound the way I want and nobody can tell me I’ve changed or sold out.” And now, he’s debuted his fourth album!

We asked Kyle how he manages to balance everything – producing, writing and recording. In the end he said, “No one is going to care about your job as much as you do.” Isn’t that the truth?

And that’s very evident in Kyle’s latest album, “Beggin’ For More.” Spotlight Country asked the musician how producing previous albums affected his newest one. He said, “It gave me a lot more confidence, that’s for sure.” Kyle also mentioned he’s learned to turn out music faster, mostly for his fans. Now it’s even more exciting for him.

Kyle scored his first No. 1 single on Texas radio for his hit, “The Night Is Young,” out on his new album. The song is an upbeat tune about being young and carefree. So we had to ask Kyle how he came up with the idea to write this song. He told us, “I was sitting around a campfire with a buddy of mine, Thom Sheppard, and everyone was going to sleep. And we both said, ‘oh c’mon y’all, the night is young.’ And it was like a lightbulb, AHHA moment. We knew we had to write the song. We wrote the chorus right then and there in a matter of a couple of minutes.”

It’s a good thing they did, because the song has truly become a hit! Kyle even produced a pretty creative music video for the song. He said they didn’t have much time and didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so instead Kyle decided to let the fans get involved. The fans took on the role of being the videographers and Kyle asked them to record the song while playing it live. The result: a fan-made music video.

Next, we had to find out about Kyle’s other song from his album titled, “True Love.” We wanted to know exactly what this song meant to him on a personal level…

He said, “It’s not about my ex-girlfriend or anything. I’ve felt that way before though… That song I wrote three years ago. It was the last day of recording and I said I’ve got one more song I want to do. I want to do this one song – give me 30 minutes. I went outside and re-wrote the song. It’s my favorite song right now. I don’t get tired of it whatsoever.”

Overall, Kyle hopes his fans know that his music is genuine and that he loves making it. He told us, “I always want folks to know I try to make the best music possible. I would never put a product out that I wasn’t proud of, and I feel like this record is the best one I’ve ever made.” We agree with you on that one, Kyle!

We finally just had to ask, “Why country music?” Kyle’s response: “Is there any better music out there?” We couldn’t agree more…

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